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2003 G.I. Joe Convention Exclusive Kursk Set


2003 G.I. Joe Convention Exclusive Kursk Set


This rare (1 of 500) two-figure set that was exclusive to the 2003 Hasbro International Convention in San Francisco includes 12-inch talking Russian and German tank commanders with overseas head sculpts plus two extra outfits. The pieces come with a Convention medal and a Convention patch in a display box adorned with Sam Petrucci artwork. A certificate of authenticity verifies the contents of this box.

The Talking Russian Tank Commander comes with two 1943 Gymnastiorkas, two breeches, two canvas tanker helmets, a tanker jumpsuit, two pairs of boots, two Sam Browne belts, two Tokerev TT33 pistols, a leather tanker jacket with a helmet, two sets of binoculars, two sets of goggles, and a PPSH-41 submachine gun. The figure itself can say six phrases in Russian.

The Talking German Tank Commander comes with two Panzertruppen shirts, two pairs of trousers, two undershirts, two pairs of boots, two sets of binoculars, four cloth crush caps, head phones and a throat microphone, goggles, a camouflage jumpsuit, two belts with holsters, and two Lugers. This figure also speaks six phrases in German. An extra overseas head and extra headphones are also found in the box.

VERY IMPORTANT: the pull-string mechanisms used for talking G.I. Joes are known to be very fragile. You do not need to pull out the string to play the figures' phrases. Gently tug the chain and release it before you hear any clicks of the wheel. Pull the string out at your own risk!

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