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G.I. Joe Perilous Rescue (Caucasian)


G.I. Joe Perilous Rescue (Caucasian)


The Timeless Collection Perilous Rescue Scuba Diver set includes a G.I. Joe figure with a scuba mask, two scuba fins, scuba suit, pants, a scuba shirt, a scuba suit hood, a buoy with a flag, a breecher buoy, a searchlight, a rescue life ring, a life raft with an oar, a first aid kit, scuba tanks and harness, a knife with a sheath, a flare gun, and dog tags.

This box was opened and the figure removed and returned to the package. Everything is exactly in place, and the set is like new. The box itself is good with scuffing, minor scratches, and minor creases.

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