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G.I. Joe Scramble Pilot (Caucasian)

G.I. Joe Scramble Pilot (Caucasian)

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Hasbro's Timeless Collection III reproduction of the 1960s Scramble Pilot G.I. Joe set includes a 12-inch G.I. Joe figure, a scramble flight suit, an air vest, a .45 caliber pistol with a holster, a pistol belt, a parachute pack, a crash helmet with a visor, an oxygen face mask with a hose, boots, a blue flight cap, a flare gun, a knife with a scabbard, a flashlight, a life raft, an oar, a rope, an anchor, binoculars, a first aid kit, a map cape with a map, a clipboard, and dog tags.

This set is new in a great box with a couple of light creases on the side.

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