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Barbie Crystal Fantasy Collection Amethyst Doll

Barbie Crystal Fantasy Collection Amethyst Doll

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Widely regarded for its spiritual and healing properties, the amethyst stone comes to life with Barbie doll dressed in a sweeping lavender chiffon gown with a glittering sash delicately tied at the waist. She emits pure energy with a genuine amethyst stone necklace, fragmented crystal-inspired bracelets and enchanting makeup. A crown resembling gathered shards of amethyst adorns her upswept, platinum ponytail with soft lavender highlights. Reminiscent of splintered amethyst, crystalline heels with metallic laces wind up her legs as she stands in spellbinding luminosity. The packaging, featuring amethyst-inspired details and a glowing light feature, makes for a truly captivating display. Includes doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

This doll is new in a very good package.

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