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G.I. Joe Jungle Tunnel Rat (Hispanic)


G.I. Joe Jungle Tunnel Rat (Hispanic)


This rare 12-inch figure of a Vietnam Jungle Tunnel Rat is extremely detailed and fully poseable. This set is equipped with trousers, a rope, a carabiner, a headband, jungle boots, an M16 machine gun, a flashlight, smoke grenades, a knife, a sheath, a satchel charge, a pistol, a belt, a holster, a Doberman Pinscher dog with a leash, and scaled-down dog tags with a chain.

This figure is probably the Hispanic version because the UPC differs from the Caucasian and AA versions. The figure is new in a package with a few creases on the side of the blister bubble and a small ding on the front corner. The card is in very good shape with a bump in the corner and very minor creases on the hook.

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